Oct 19, 2011

she runs her floured hands over your hair, Hope does.

Hope I 1903 - Gustav KlimtShe speaks with a slow Southern drawl,
Hope does.
Looks at you over her shoulder
With her rolling pin in hand
Telling you to just sit right there.

She moves over nearer you,
Confounding Hope.
In the way of sweet vaporous despair
Standing there hands on hips
Daring you to go around her.

She watches you watching the door,
Vigilant Hope.
Offers you sweet tea
Shows you the basil she’s growing
There on the window sill.

She runs her floured hands over your hair,
Hope does.
Pulls something sweet and new
From the oven
And sets it on the table to cool.

She sits with you, humming something low,
Abiding Hope.
She settles in heavily
To sit at the table next to you
While you wait.

For Jessica Rose, who's biting her toes.

Hope, Gustav Klimpt


yogurt said...

sweet vaporous despair. that's beautiful.

p.s. word verification = troses

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

For Jessica Rose
Who's biting her toes
To you hope flows
Dear Kate, she knows

just jamie said...

Could I love either of you any more?
Not a chance.

In true admiration of your prose, and firm belief that Jess will stand hands on hips, and hands under a full belly.


Jess said...

I love you all.

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