Apr 27, 2011

we have had black eyes

You and I, we are not the same
Us and our daughters.
You have yours
A woolly caterpillar curled on your lap
Singing to you about her ladybug friends.

Another, over the fence which splits
Her grass and my gravel.
She has hers
A bright eddy swirling around the sheets
She hangs on the line over the grass.

Me and mine, we are not caterpillars
Or eddies.
Curling and swirling.
We are made of moths and tornadoes.
We have had black eyes.

Image: Black Moth, Kazuya Akimoto


Tamarack Point Townhome Association said...

This made me cry.

Tamarack Point Townhome Association said...

That was me - Trish - Logged in as my HOA. Heh.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Beautiful Kate. Beautiful, poignant, simple, and rich.

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