Apr 3, 2011

they wear their certainty like they wear their freckles

Who are these girls
With their faith and service in Guatemala?
They wear their certainty like they wear their freckles,
Dotted on their noses and cheeks.

Who are these girls
Who keep their hair in fussy ponytails,
Exactly disheveled, and banded with elastics the color of the dresses
Their sisters wore to catechism.

Who are these girls
With their grandmother’s crosses?
They wear them on anklets to the beach on Sunday
And they borrow someone’s sunglasses.

Who are these girls
Dating Jesus and the rowing captain?
Will they make promises under stained glass windows
And then work in real estate?

Who are these girls
With their devotion preprinted on cards?
They carry St. Francis’s prayer in the inside zipper pocket
Of their Tory Burch handbag.

Detail of the Last Supper, Andy Warhol


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


San Diego Momma said...

Good Lord.
Your writing. Is. Sublime.
And I always. Love. It.
The descriptions and turns of phrase and relatability. If that were a word.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I just a dopey thing, looking for the name of the famous poet that wrote these amazing lines.

AND it's YOU! Dear God, it's beautiful.


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